Diffrent organelles within cells.

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  • The brain of the cell, contrls all the cell processes
  • Contains the DNA used to create protiens needed to peform cell processes.
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Nuclear pore

  •  Opening in the nucleus embedded with proteins.
  •  Regulates the passage of substance in and out of the nucleus
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Nuclear envelope

  •  Double membrane between the nucleus and the cytoplasm 
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Smooth endoplasmic reticulum

  •  System of internal membranes.
  • Helps in the manufacture of carbohydrates and lipids.
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Rough endoplasmic reticulum

  •  System of internal membranes studded with ribosome's.
  •  Carry out protein synthesis.


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Secretory vesticle

  •  Vesticle fused with plasma membrane.
  • Releases materials to be secreted from the cell.
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  •  Vesticle that breaks down macromolecules.
  • Digest worn out cell components.
  • Kind of "self destruct" function for dying cells.
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Plasma membrane

  •  Lipid bilayer in which proteins are embedded.
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  • The site of aerobic respiration for the cell.
  • They create ATP, therefore releasing energy to drive cell processes.
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  • Small complexes of RNA and protein.
  • They are the sites of protein synthesis.
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Golgi complex

  • Collects packages.
  • Distributes molecules manufactured in the cell.
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  •  Where the cell chemistry takes place. eg. in salivary gland were the saliva is made.
  • Contains Organelles which carry out different cell functions 
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  • Only in plant cells.
  • Storage for cell material.
  • Acts like a "balloon" inside the cell keeping it rigid and supported.
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Cell Wall

  • Protects cell.
  • Keeps the cell rigid.
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Cell membrane

  • Holds cell together and supports the cell structure.
  • Controls what enters/leaves the cell.
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  • Vesticle that contains enzymes that carry out particular reactions.
  • eg. destroying potentially harmful molecules.
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