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Parts of a Cell

Parts of a cell are:

  • Cell membrane (both cells) - Keeps the cell together and controls what goes in and out of the cell.
  • Chloroplasts (plant cell) - Green discs that make the food using photosynthesis.
  • Nucleus (both cells) - It controls the cell.
  • Cell wall (animal cells) - Supports the cell.
  • Cytoplasm(both cells) - A jelly-like substance. Many of the cells activities happen here.
  • Vacuole (animal cells) - A storage space filled with sap.
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The parts of a microscope are:

  • Eyepiece - To look at the object.
  • Focusing Knob - To adjust the focus for the best viewing possible.
  • Tube - The thing inwitch you look down.
  • Objective lenses - There are 3 different lenses for different magnification's.
  • Stage - The place you lay your slide onto.
  • Clip - Holds down the slide.
  • Mirror - Reflects the light from a lamp up into the slide.
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