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Cells (Characteristics)

  • There are 7 characteristics of a living things. These are:
    • Movement
    • Reproduction
    • Sensitivity (senses)
    • Growth
    • Respiration (Breathing)
    • Excretion (Getting rid of waste products)
    • Nutrition (Eating and drinking)
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Cells (organs)

There are 8 vital organs in your body. These are:

  • Liver (Cleans your blood)
  • Heart (Pumps your blood)
  • Brain (Controls your body through nerves)
  • Gut (Digests food)
  • Kidneys (Controls the body fluids)
  • Lungs (Make you breathe)
  • Ovaries and womb (Produces eggs)
  • Pancreas (Controls blood glucose)
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