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animal cells

Animal cells:

1)Nuclues-contains gentic material that controls the cell

2)cytoplasm-gel like substance where most of the chemical reactions take place

3)cell membrane-controls what goes in and out of the cell

4)Mitochondria-respiration takes place, energy is released

5)Ribosomes-where proteins are made

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Plant cells

Plant cells:



3)Cell membrane

4)cell wall-made of CELLULOSE



7)Vacuole-contains cell sap

8)Chloroplants-where photosynthesis happens, which makes food for plants. Contain chlorophyll

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Yeast and Bacteria


Yeast is a single celled microorganism. Which contains a nucleus, cytoplasm, cell membrane and is surrounded by a cell wall


They have NO nucleus. They have cytoplasm and a cell membrane surrounded by a cell wall.The genetic material floats in the cytoplasm.

Bacteria cells do not contain mitochondria because they are too small and there is not enough room.

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