Cells and Movements across Membranes

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Microscopes and Cells

PLant And Animal Cells

All Cells in both plants and anmals have certain feautures in common:

  • Cytoplasm - Where most of the chemical reactions that make up life go on 
  • A Cell Membrane - Which controls what enters and leaves the cell
  • A Nucleus - Which controls DNA, the chemical that controls the cell's activities.
  • Miotochondria - (singular: mitochondrion), which are the structures that carry out aerobice respiration, supplying cells with energy.
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Microscopes and cells

Plant and animal cells

Plant cells can be distinguished from animal celld, because they have some features trhat are not seen in animal cell's. These are:

  • A cell wall - made from celluose
  • A large, Permenant Central Vacuole filled with cell sap.
  • Chloroplasts, which absorb light for photosynthesis - chloroplasts are not found in all plant cells, but they are never found in animal cells.
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Microscopes and cells 3

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Animal Cell Labled Diagram

6 animal cell labeled : Biological Science Picture ...

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