Cells and Cell Functions

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Gas Exchange

Gas Exchange

Gas exchange is when oxygen is taken from the atmosphere around us and transfer it into the bloodstream and also to release carbon dioxide from the bloodstream into the atmosphere. We need to get oxygen from the air into the blood, and we need to remove waste carbon dioxide from the blood into the air.

The Alveoli have adapted to make gas exchange in the lungs happen easily.

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Alveoli are tiny sacs within our lungs that allow oxygen and carbon dioxide to move between the lungs and bloodstream.

We breathe in oxygen so that parts of our body can use it for many different functions. But we must somehow get the oxygen from our lungs to ourbloodstream,so it can be transported to any places it is needed.

Our bodies produces waste which is carbon dioxide. It must be exhaled from our body.It is the alveoli that are responsible for this tranfer of gases.

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