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Plant & Animal Cells

Animal Cell:

  • Nucleus: Contians Genetic material that controls activities in the cell.
  • Cytoplasm: A gel like substance where most of the chemical reactions take place.(contains enzymes which control these reactions.)
  • Cell membrane: Holds together and protects the cell.
  • Mitochondria: Where most of the reactions for repiration happen.(respiration releases energy that the cells need to work.) So in theory, Mitochindria provides the cells energy.
  • Ribosomes: These are where protiens are made in the cell.

Plant Cell:

These cells usualy have the same bits as the animal cell, plus a few extra things including;

  • Cell wall: Made of cellulous.It supports the cell.
  • Vacuole: Contains cell sap. A weak solution of sugar and salts.
  • Chloroplasts: These are where Photosynthesis ocurs, which makes food for the plant. They contain a green substance called chlorophyll.
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