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Animal Cells

1) Nucleus- contains genetic info that controlos activities of cell

2) Cytomplasm- gel-like substance, most chemical reations take place here. Contains enzymes that contorl the chemical reactions

3) Cell Membrane- hold cell together, controls what gets in and out

4) Mitochondria- where most of reactions for respiration  take place, respiration releases energy the cell needs to work

5) Ribosomes- where protiens are made

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Plant Cells

All the bits of an animal cell and:

1) Cell wall- rigid, made of cellulose, supports and strengthens cell

2) Permanent vacuole- contains cell sap, weak solution of sugar and salts

3) Chloroplasts- where photosynthesis occurs, contains green substance called chloropyll

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A single-celled microorganism

1) Nucleus

2) Cytoplasm

3) Cell Membrane

4) Cell wall

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Bacterial Cells

Single-celled microorgansim

No nucleus

1) Cytoplasm- this is also where genetic info floats as there is no nucleus

2) Cell membrane

3) Cell wall

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