Cell Ultrastructure (Eukaryotic)

Cell Ultrastructure notes, biology aqa AS unit one

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Plasma Membrane

  • Made of lipids, proteins and carbs
  • Regulates movement of molecules in and out
  • Receptor molecules on surface allow cell to respond to chemicals
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  • Double membrance (envelope) with nuclear pores
  • contains chromatin - controlls cell activies because made from DNA
  • often contains nucleolus (makes ribosomes)
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  • contains many digestive enzymes
  • digest invading or worn out cells
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  • small organelle used in protein synthesis
  • floats free in cytoplasm or attatchd to RER
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Endoplastic Reticulum

  • Smooth & Rough RER
  • Both membrance enclosed fluid spaces
  • Smooth synthesises lipids
  • Rough is covered in ribosomes - folds and processes proteins made there
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Golgi Apparatus

  • Fluid filled (flattened sacks)
  • Packages and proccess proteins and lipids
  • Makes lysosomes
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  • Folds in the plasma membrance
  • Increase surface are for absorption
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  • Double membrane
  • Folds in inner membrance called 'cristae'
  • Inner fluid called matrix
  • Site of Aerobic Respiration
  • Produces ATP needed for muscle contraction, active transport, etc
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Intestinal Epithelial Cell -structural adaptations

  • Arranged in Villi
  • Individual cells have microvill - greater surface area for absorption
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