Cell division AS Biology

Covering processes involved with both mitosis and meiosis.

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Mitosis is a continous process of cell division consisting of 5 phases:

  • interphase, the cell is active and growing, carring out metabolic processes.
  • prophase, the chromosomes condense,becoming tightly coiled and folded, the centrioles start moving towards the poles of the cell, releasing spindle fibres. the nuclear envelope begins to degrade.
  • metaphase, the chromasomes are lined up across the cells equator and spindle fibres join to the centromere.
  • anaphase, the spindle fibres begin to retract, pulling the chromatid towards opposite poles
  • telophase, the daughter chromasomes are then inclosed in a new nuclear envelope, and the cell membrain begins to pintch into two, around the new nucleus.
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Mitosis diagrams

interphase metaphase telophase

prophase anaphase

the order can be remembered as I,P,M,A,T

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The cell cycle

The cell as a specific order, and time span for devision this is recordd ith the cell cycle

  • G1 the cell is growing and carring out metabolic processes
  • S the DNA is replicated at this stage, and chromasomes are duplicated.
  • G2 the cell continues to grow, and reproduces organels, such as mitocondria.
  • M, this is mitosis, where the cell divides,

diagram of cell cycle

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