Cell Organisation - Topic 2

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Tiny air sacs in the lung - where gas exchange occurs

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A group of similar cells which work together to carry out a specific function

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Substance which increases speed of a reaction whithout being used up or changed in the reaction

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Calculating Rate of Reaction

1000/ time

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Carries blood away

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Carries blood back to heart

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Exchange materials at tissues

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Small fragment of cells

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Cardiovascular Disease or CHD

When coronary arteries become blocked and narrowed by layers of fat deposits restricting blood flow

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Communicable Disease

Spread from person to person - sometimes contagious or infectious

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Non-Communicable Disease

Cannot spread between people or animals - last for a long time & worsen over time

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Benign Tumour

One which slowly grows until no room - non invasive therfore not dangerous

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Malignant Tumour

One which slowly spreads to healthy tissues - travels in bloodstream - dangerous - fatal

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Active Site

Part of an enzyme which a substrate fits onto

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Change in an enzyme's active site due to high temperatures

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