Cell Membranes and Signalling

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Cell Signalling

  • Cells need to communicate with each other- control processes and respond to the environment
  • Communicate through cell signalling
  • Messenger molecules used to signal
  • Cell signalling starts once messenger molecule is released
  • It is then detected when it bings to a receptor
  • Binding is what triggers a change to the cell 
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Membrane Receptors

  • Proteins in the cell membrane act as the receptor
  • Receptor proteins- membrane-bound receptors
  • They have specific shapes
  • They are complementary so they can bind
  • Different cells have different receptors that respond to different messenger molecule
  • A cell that responds to a particular messenger molecule is called a target cell



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  • Bind to the receptors on cell membranes
  • Trigger a response in the cell or block the receptor
  • The receptors can be used as sites for targeted action
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