Cell Division

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Mitosis - Prophase

- DNA has already replicated 

- Chromosones codense 

- Nuclear envelope disappears 

- Nucleolus disappears

- The Centrioles move to opposite sides of the nucleus 

- Spindle Fibres form

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Mitosis - Metaphase

- The Chromosones arrange themselves on the equator 

- The chromosomes are attached to the centromeres


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Mitosis - Anaphase

- The Centromere divides into two

- The attached microtubles contract and pull the chromatids to opposite polls of the cell 

- The chromatids are now called daugther chromosmes 

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Mitosis - Telophase

- The Daughter chromosones reach the poles and uncoil and lengthen

- Nuclear envelope and nucleolus re-form

- Two nuclei are formed

- Spindle fibres disintergatre 

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