cell cycle

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cell cycle phases

g1- go phase, senescence, quiescence, terminal differentiation, passing the restriction point,

s phase, mechanics i-licensing, mechanics 2, centrioles double, 

g2, mitosis, prophase (prometaphase),metaphase,anaphase,telophase

nuclear division


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D, E, A and B

induction and proteolysis

regulate cell cycle by activating different cyclin-dependent kinases (CDK's)

CDK 1,2,4,6

family of serine/threonine kinases

g1 phase, CDK4 and cyclin D

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damage checkpoints

G1 checkpoint, G1 arrest, CyclinD- CDK4/6 inhibition at the restriction point,cyclinE- CDK2 inhibition at the G1-S transition

Intra-S phase checkpoint, DNA replication checkpoint, initiated by stalled replication forks, slight delay in S phase until forks restart and finish replication, these forks can collapse, leading to DSB's (picked up in G2/M)

G2 checkpoint, activated by 10-15 DSB's, provide enough time for DSB's to be repaired by homologous recombination, only occurs in G2

spindle checkpoint, mitotic check point, APC/C promotes anaphase by releasing the sister chromatids

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Aurora Kinases

aurora kinase A, functions in centrosome maturation and spindle formation

aurora kinase B, part of a multi-protein complex known as the CPC, activated by low tension, directly or indirectly activates the SAC (APC/C inhibition

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