Cell Biology

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animal cell

Cell Membrame: controls what enters/leaves the cell

Ribosomes: where protein is made

Cytoplasm: where the cells activities occur

Mitochondria: wher erespiration happens

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Plant Cell

Cell Wall: for support and protection, made of cellulose

Chloroplasts: Where photosynthesis occurs, chlorophyll is also in here

Large Permanent Vacuole: stores cell sap and helps to support the cell

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a prokaryotic cell has no nucleus

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Eukaryotic Cell

A eukaryotic cell has a nucleus

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Almost all Animals & Plants are made up of cells.

Animal Cells have a basic structure.

Ribosomes are only visible with the electron microscope.

Mitochondria are visible with the light microscope but can't be seen in detail.

Most cells are specialised and adapted to their function.

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