3.7 Implications of ICT

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Online shopping and banking

Online / cashless shopping involves customers purchasing goods on the Internet/in stores using credit /debit cards. This allows customers to have a wider choice, stops the need to carry cash, 24/7 however there is an increased risk or fraud.

Online banking involves customers checking their balance, transferring funds, setting up direct debts and setting up standing orders. This allows customers to access the bank 24/7 however there is increased risk of fraud and identity theft.

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Computer Aided Design (CAD) is computer technology used to design objects/shapes. The objects can be viewed in 3D. Techniques such as surface rendering can be applied. An object may be rotated in three dimensions and viewed from different angles and distances. Calculations can be performed automatically.

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) involves specialised computers controlling and monitoring tools and machinery in manufacturing.  The steps in the manufacturing process are built into a program with the program possibly being the output from a CAD stage. The computer can control a series of robots moving the product from machine to machine as each stage is completed. Some CAM systems can automate tasks such as ordering parts, scheduling and tool replacement.

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