Causes of WW1


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The Alliance System

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Kaiser Wilhems ll's aims in Foriegn Policy

  • He wanted to be in the international limelight
  • He saw himself as a heroic leader of Germany's army and the founder of a great nay
  • He wanted make Germany the greatest nation (weltpolitik- world policy)
  • He was jealous of the British Empire, he wanted to give Germany "a place in the sun"
  • He tended to upset other countries by his strange habit of making dramatic statements
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Morcoccan Crisis 1905 + 1911

  • Morocco in North Africa was one of the few areas not controlled by a European power
  • Britain had agreed not to oppose France its attempt to gain control of Morocco as part of the Ente Cordial
  • He visited Tangier in Morocco, He rode through the streets of tangier on a white horse by a military band and morcan troops.
  • He announced that Germany supported an independent Morocco which was open for trade and called and international conference to discuss the future of Morocco
  • It tested the strength of the Entente Cordial
  • The conference was held in 1906 at Algeciras in southern Spain. Austria- Hungary and Morocco supported Germany; Britain and Russia supported France.
  • The reuslt was that germamy failed to prevent France from getting a foothold in Morocco and Entente Cordial was strengthened.
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Bosnian Crisis

  • 1908 a revolution in Turkey occured. Austria Hungary took advantage of this to annex Bosnia. This annoyed Serbia, but it was to small to resist Austria-Hunary, so it apealed to Russia for help.
  • Wilhelm was annoyeed with Austria-Hungary becuase it had acted against Bosnia without consulting him, but he promised it his full support againt Russia.

Effects of the main powers

  • Austria-Hungary now felt it had the full support of Germany, which affected how it acted in 1914
  • Italy did not like Austria-Hungary expanding into the Balkans, so it became less keen on the Triple Alliance
  • Russia was humilated by Germany, so Russia had military improvemtns in Russia.
  • It brought Britain, France and Russia closer together as they all disliked Germany
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