Causes of the 1905 Revolution

Causes of the 1905 Revolution  - Russia

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Long-term causes

  • Grievances of the proletariat - low pay, long hours, poor working conditions
  • Grievances of the peasants - lack of land - helf back by the Mir
  • Russia's autocratic system of government - the Tsar wanted to keep it this way too, even ignoring changes suggested by moderate liberals. 
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Short-term causes

  • Russo-Japanese war (1904-05) 

- Humiliation of defeat to little Japan - shows Tsar's government's incompetence 

- It intensified Russia's economic problems - created shortages of basic goods at home - led to severe inflation. 

  • Higher taxes on peasants and proletariat to pay for Russia's industrialisation programme. 
  • Poor harvests 1900 + 1902.
  • Boom in industry of 1890s becomes a slump in early 20th century. 
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Immediate cause

  • Events known as Bloody Sunday in January 1905. This is when the Tsar's forces massacred innocent protesters marching to winter palace to present a petition to Tsar.
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