causes of disease since 1900


understanding microbes

throught the 20th century scientists built on the research and findings of earlier years

the used technigues developed by pasteur and koch

created vaccines to stop people catching diseases

knowledge of how microbes cause disease improved, which led to cures known as 'magic bullets'

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understanding genetics

during the 19th century mendal showed how human characteristics can be passed on through generations

in the 20th century new technology let scientists analyse human cells in great detail

they found every cell in the body contains DNA

watson and crick worked on how the genetic codes of DNA fitted together

they analyed X-ray crystallography at king's college hospital- eventually worked out the double helix structure of DNA

in 1990, watson led the human genome project- mapping out every gene in human DNA

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watson and crick

watson was an american chemist

crick was a british physicist

together they studied the stucture of DNA at cambridge university

recieved the nobel prize

their work helped to improve our understanding of genetic conditions

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new possiblities

discovering the structre of DNA and the work of the human genome project led to;

improved vaccines

better insulin for diabetics

new techniques for skin grafts

better understanding of conditions such as down's syndrome

better understanding of whether people might develop certain types of cancer

discovery of stem cells can be grown into different cells

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