Causes of the First World War

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Background Content

1870-1871- Franco Prussian War

  • Prussia was the largest state
  • Bismark wanted to modernise Prussia and unite Germany as one whole nation.
  • France were wary of them and the French People were right to be wary.
  • Napolean III had experienced some distastorous campaigns in Mexico and people were questioning his ablity to lead.
  • Reluctantly declared war on Prussia and it was a disaster and lead to the Treaty of Frankfurt; Alsace Lorraine became German territory, France had to pay reparations and Germany was united under 1 leader Kaiser Wilhelm I.

Drama in the Balkans

  • The Ottoman Empire- 'Sick man of Europe'. People in the Balkans wanted to rule themselves
  • Bulgaria began to fight for indpendence '1875' the nation of Bulgaria was formed in 1878 under the Treaty of San Stefano. 
  • Russia wanted the Dardanelles and they had a religous link with those in the Balkans. 
  • Austria Hungary had lots of Balkan people living in her borders. She feared that they would try to revolt and her empire would fall.
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