Cause of the great rebellion



  • Cause of the Great Rebellion was the treatment of Henry's son by the King
  • Henry faced a widespread challenge to his rule

King William of Scotland,King Louis vii of france,count of flanders and blois, also internal barons such as Hugh Earl of chester,Robert,Earl of leister and Hugh Bigod Earl of Norfolk.

All of these threats were significant causes and provided the fuel... HOWEVER

  • The grivences were lingering for many years without revolt--> there must have been a spark.

Henry's own family: Sons played an indicitive role,encouraged by their mother. They were motivated to rebel aganinst their power hungry father as he did not share power with them. 

Other rebels were long term resentment but his own family were the spark.

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Other Kings - Louis Vii and William of Scotland.

Motivation of Louis :

  • Henry's marriage to Elanor 1152,(without permission)
  • Henry taking the vexin but not fullfilling the arranged marriage between Alice and Richard in return.
  • Louis embarrased about his over powerful vassal- Henry appared to aquire more lands in all of the aquisitions: Normandy 1150,Anjou 1151,Aquitaine 1152 and Brittany 1158

Louis was not the the greatest cause of the rebellion as he was not in a position to be- He was vunrable in disputes with Henry as he was significantly weaker- Not a rpactical threat but still significant in Encouraging Young Henry. 

William of scotland: Motivated by the harsh terms bvy the treaty of Falaise- Henry's treatment of scotland.

  • Henry broke the oath made to King David when he Knighted Henry at Carisle 1149- that all land above Newcastle would remain under Scotland forever
  • When Henry did ths he was much more politically strong and the new King Malcolm was facing many internal problems 'There was little he could do to resist Henry

William was motivated to revolt to gain back scottish land lost under his predecessors.

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Henry's resotration of Government after the 'anarchy'. Barons had become used to a semi-autonomous rule during the ivil war this changed with Henry's cenrtilsation

  • Baronial castles destoryed or taken under royal control
  • Crown lands reclaimed
  • Echequer re-established 
  • Sheriffs became the local agent of Government 

However: Barons were strategically dangerous but were the minority of English Baronage- many respected the need for Kings control. The Barons that went against Henry was morso for personal greivences.

  • Hugh Earl of Chester: denied inheritence of chester promised by his father
  • Hugh Bigod Earl of Norfolk: Denied East Anglia and his lands were threatened by a new castle-orford.
  • Robert Earl of Leister: Forced to pay scutage

Clearly there was smouldering tensions among Barons but they needed a strong spark to ignite the ability of rebellion. 

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  • Significant in fuelling her sons woth resemntment-larticularly Geoffry and Richard- sent them to join Hnery in the french court.
  • raised rebellion in Poiteu 
  • Barber: Henry's treament of her (prision) showed that he viewed her as a significant threat

Young Henry:

  • Crowned King 1170- Grieved over lack of land, he was 18 and had very little,when his father was 18 he goverend the whole of Normandy.
  • Under supervision from supervisiors: 'More masters than ministers' - CARPENTER
  • Jelous of youngest brother John who was the faveourite and given 3 castles- Chinon,Mirebeau and Loudon to make him a suitable husband to Alice of Maurinne.
  • Henry demanded more land from his father but was refused-fled to Louis court

The trigger of the rebellion as he had a legitimate focus and stronger- resorces from Louis and William of scotland. 

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