Catholic Christianity Living the Christian Life

module four of the catholic christianity for GCSE

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Key Words:

  • Active Life - the life led by religious orders who work in society as    well as praying
  • Charity - volunteering to those in need
  • Contemplative Life - the life of prayer and meditation lived by some religious orders
  • Displaying Religion - making a show of your religion e.g. praying  in the street
  • The Evangelical Counsels - the vows of poverty, chastity and    obedience
  • Holy Orders - the status of a priest, bishop or deacon
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Key Words Continued:

  • Hyprocrite - a person who acts in the way that contradicts what they say
  • The Law of Moses - the laws God gave to Moses in the Old Testament
  • The Monastic Life - living a a monk or nun in a monastic community
  • Religious Community - a religious order who live together as a group e.g. Benedictines
  • The Sermon on the Mount - Jesus' description of Christian living
  • Vocation - a call from God to live the Christian life
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The Meaning of Vocation

  • The word vocation means calling. Christians believe they have a calling from God to follow Jesus, be members of the Church and to live their lives in the Christian way so that they can enter heaven after death
  • Christians often describe vocation as a call to discipleship. This means that all Christians were called for a special purpose in the same way the Apostles were
  • Vocation also means that all Christians must do what God calls them to do in the same way Jesus did his Father's will. Therefore, all Christians must show their vocation by showing others the love of God, their faith in Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives
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Why Vocation is important for Christians

  • It shows all Christians are called to live a life of discipleship, just as the Apostles were
  • It shows that all Christians must do what God calls them to do if they want to achieve salvation. Vocation is a call from God and doing it is God's will
  • By following a vocation, Christians are not only doing what God wants them to so, they are bringing more people to God by example
  • By serving God through following a vocation a Christian will lead a holy life and work towards salvation
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How Christians show vocation in daily life and wor

  • By choosing a caring profession such as being a doctor, nurse, carer, teacher, counsellor, or a person working for equal opportunities, they can show God's love
  • By marrying and bringing up Children is a Christian family, which means the parents act as disciples through teaching the faith
  • By showing Christian love of neighbour in the way they treat other people
  • By being honest at work, giving a fair day's work to their employer, being fair to employees, and standing up for justice in the workplace
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