Diagnosing Dysfunctional Behaviour - Categorising Disorders - DSM (only)

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Categorising Disorders - DSM (only)

***PLEASE NOTE: For this question you would only be asked to "Outline one way", so you can use DSM or ICD - For the ICD revision card look at that one.***

Once an individual has been identified as showing dysfunctional behaviour, a diagnosis of what specific condition they've made is based on the symptoms of the show. There are 2 main diagnostic tools:

  • ICD-10
  • DSM- IV

This was set up in the USA by a team of mental health professionals and they wanted to improve the reliability of mental health diagnosis. It's a multi-axial tool, with info on symptoms of 297 metal disorders, grouped into 5 axes.

  • Axis I: Clinical disorders (e.g. Depression; Schizophrenia)
  • Axis II: Personality disorders (e.g. Paranoid Personality Disorder)
  • Axis III: Physical conditions (e.g. Brain injuries)
  • Axis IV: Environmental factors contributing to the disorder
  • Axis V: Numeric scale - to rate how well an individual is coping.
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