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castle features

Battlements: A parapet with indentations and raised portions. Battlements are sometimes called crenellations.

Buttress: Projection from the wall that provides extra support for the building. 

Drum tower: A large circular tower that was usually low and squat. 

Fosse: A ditch surrounding the castle.

Garderobe: A castle toilet. The garderobe was often a projection from the wall over the moat.

Portcullis: Grating made of metal and wood.

Solar: The upper living room of a castle.

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castle features

Parapet: A low wall on the outer side of the main wall.

Rampart: A defensive stone or earth wall surrounding a castle.

Shell-keep: A wall surrounding the inner portion of the castle. 

Moat: A deep wide trench round a castle.

Machicolations: Projecting stonework on the outside of castle towers or walla, will hole in floor for dropping missiles on people attacking the castle.

Wall-walk: A passage along the castle wall.

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