Castle on a Cloud

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Point = Claude – Michel Schonberg constantly changes the time signature throughout Castle on a Cloud 

Evidence – “There is a castle” is in ¾ however when Cosette sings “cloud” the time sig. changes to 2/4

Explain – This is to show that Cosette is floating as if she is on a cloud and shows that her thoughts are constantly changing. The changing between ¾ and 2/4 shows that she is restless

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Point = The structure that is used is Ternary Form. ABA 

Evidence – The A section “There is a castle on a cloud”, The B section is “There is a lady all in white”

Explain – The A section shows her reality and the changes to the B section showing her dream

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Point = There is use of repeating melody however the melody slightly changes

Evidence – “There is a castle on a cloud” and “I like to go there in my sleep”

Explain – This is to show the simplicity of Cosette being a child and that the repeativness shows that she keeps re-thinking and repeating her dream in her mind.  

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Point = The instruments that are used are violins, acoustic guitar, xylophone, clarinets, harp, and cello 

Evidence – End of A section “Not in my castle on a cloud” there is use of xylophone

Explain – shows the end of her thought

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Point = Claude Michel Schonberg uses relative major and minor. The key of the piece starts in A minor and changes to the relative C major (modulation)

Evidence – “There is a castle on a cloud” – Am “There is a lady all in white” – C major

Explain – The use of A minor is to show Cosette’s reality and her unhappiness whereas in C major Cosette is happy as she is dreaming of how she wants her life to be. The piece ends in A minor which shows that Cosette is back in reality and out of the dream. 

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Point – The texture becomes thinner due to the accompaniment dropping out leaving the melody to be sung

Evidence – “I love you very much”

Explain – It makes the words emphasised and seem important. It’s important as it is what Cosette remembers her Mother saying to her. Also, important as she is looking back on when she was loved by someone.

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