Case Study of National Parks - Lake District.

What are the positive and negative impacts of tourism in the Lake District.

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Describe the Lake District:

The Lake District is a glaciated upland area in Cumbria with spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife and a cultural heritage.

The key features are:

-Ribbon Lakes

-Highland scenery

-Hill walking and climbing

-Cultural heritage.

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What are the postitive impacts?

1. Creates employment in local hotels, B&B's and resturants.

2. Creates employment in the tourist sector (hill guides and water sport tutors)

3. Trade, in local shops grow.

4. Farmers in the District can boost income.

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What are the negative impacts?

1. Seasonal low-paid jobs.

2. Menial jobs in hotels and shops.

3. Traffic congestion and pollution.

4. Overcrowding in 'honey pot' sites.

5. Property prices get too high for locals.

6. 'Community' declines due to number of second homes.

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Mr. Pittaway


You have covered the main points well although you could have added more examples of places or locations relevant to each section...and why not add some images or photographs

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