Case study- effects of sea level rise-southeast UK

Case study notes for the effects, (enviromental, social and economic) on sea level rise in south east Uk for aqa geography gcse.

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  • 22% of essex's saltmarch destroyed by 2050
  • most vunerable areas include Norflok and sufolk and Teeside
  • sea water cotaminate freskwater aquafiers
  • salt marshes submerged- killing plants and wildlife
  • landslides and erosion more common
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  • 400 school in Thames flood zone
  • major landmarks (houses of parliment) flooded
  • lack of farmland causing food shortages
  • unemployment in Norfolk due to bankrupt farmers
  • ports and docklands redesigned and relocated
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  • £5 billion spent on coastal defences
  • financial district at Canary Wharf in London flooded
  • 1.5 million live in Thames flood zone
  • billions spent on redirecting transport links
  • 57% of most agriculturally productive land lost
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