Different levels of development of two contrasting EU countries (AQA GCSE Geography - Development Gap)

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1. Facts

   Positive balance of trade

   Population = 82 million

   GNI per capita = $38869

2. In the core of Europe so good trade links

3. Germany joined EU in 1951 → more time to benefit from joining EU

4. Better communication. 1245km motorways which means better transportation of goods

5. Germany has the most advanced industry and services which are very profitable

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1. Facts

   Negative balance of trade

   Population = 9million

   GNI per capita = $4590

2. On the periphery of Europe so trade links not as good

3. Joined EU in 2007 so less time to benefit from EU

4. Only 418km of motorways so transportation isn’t as efficient

5. Was a communist country until 1990 so gov didn’t invest much money in developing the economy.

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