Case Study: Changing Services in Windsor


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Case Study: Changing Services in Windsor

All Services that have been changed in Windsor

  • Trevelyan changed from a school to a key worker flats eg: nurse's, teachers.
  • King Edward court shopping centre changed, the shops were modernized and homogenised, meaning that shops found everywhere were put into king edward court to attract more shoppers.
  • Travel lodge being set up offers budget cheap accomadation.
  • Windsor zoo changed to legoland.
  • Burger King changed to Nandos.
  • McDonalds was refurbished.
  • Benches round castle relaid.
  • Gentrification is when a building is cleaned and updated to improve the aesthetics of the town.
  • Windsor Central Station completley refurbished and turned into shopping centre (used to be a bus and train station) MAJOR CHANGE
  • Caleys knocked down and replaced by TK MAX, people are willing to travel further for luxury items, for example John Lewis in High Wycome.
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Case Study: Changing Services in Windsor

  • There are 2 types of products, high order and low order goods. Higher order goods are products bought infrequently and is considered a luxury. Low order goods are products that are bought everyday and tend to be not expensive.

Groups that are impacted by these changes

  • Shoppers have greater choice in shops.
  • The unemployd have a greater variety of jobs available.
  • The youths of the area have more areas to socialise during the day.
  • Tourists have more places to go, thus Windsor get a reputation for being a tourist freindly area.
  • First time buyers will find the properties in the area more expensive, because the area has been upgraded.
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I live in windsor do you have anything on the recycling in windsor

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