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The Steel Industry In Brazil

The Steel

Industry In Brazil

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Social Issues

-Tribal existence has been threatened 

-Migration to the South East, people who migrate normally live in shanty towns on the edge of the city = quality of life gets worse

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Economic Issues

-The steel mill has increased overall investment 

-Hospitals, schools, housing and other important facilities are slwoly being created

- There is a strong trading relationship between Brazil and China. Brazil learns from the chinese. They are also able to import and export to each other

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Environmental issues

-Large trucks destroy the ground around the rainforest 

-Illegal charcoal burners pump out smoke ito the atmosphere

-Tribes are threatened. They are being forced to live on protected reserves which are descreasing in number and size

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More Information

Why Locate Here?

-China and Brazil are strong buisness parthners. Brazilian exports to Chinal has grown by 64.7%

-Brazil has mnay commoditites, especially iron and allumninium which China uses for projects like railroads, so Brazil is very important

-Water for cooling steel

-Cheap labour force

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