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Water Aid. An example of an aid project.

Water Aid.

An example of an aid


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Social Issues

- 10 children die every minute from drinking dirty water causing cholera and dysentery 

- 14% of the population has no toilets

- Water Aid provides water for 10 million people

- provide bricks and cement to dig wells in places with access to no water

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Economic Issues

-They provide low cost techniques so the local people can maintain it themselves = Sufficient

- Hygiene projects are set up. People are encouraged to hand wash. This reduces diarrhea by 40%. This improves the health of the population.

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Environmental issues

-People are encouraged to only collectt wtaer from where safe drinking signs are displayed. 

-When they have the water this should be stored ina a jar with a cover to prevent contamination

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Other Information

-MEDC's and charities provide aid to LEDC's

-Multilateral aid is where many countries give help through organisations such as the world bank

-Sometimes Aid can be a loan not a gift and LEDC's may find it hard to pay it back

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