Case Study 4

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Sendai. North East Japan

Sendai. North-East Japan.

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Causes Of the Earthquake

-Stress built ip in the rocks of the Pacific and Phillipine plate

-Waves travel through Earths crust

-.9 on the richter scale

-33 feet high wall of water

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Social Impacts

-Over 21,000 have been decalred dead or unaccounted for

-A ship carrying around 1000 people was among those swept away

-A passenger train was also unaccounted for 

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Environmental Impacts

Fukushima Power Plant:

  • Emergency was declared as the cooling system failed in a reactor
  • 2000 people were evacuated
  • Reaction leacked into pacific ocean, raising levels 4000 times higher than legal limit

Else where fires triggered by the earthquake were burning out of control up and down the coast, including one at an oil refinery.

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Economic Impacts

-Predicted costs could be up to $300 billion

-Toyota and Nissan were both halting production at all 20 factories, Plants make 420,000 small cars a year for export 

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