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Cyclone & Flooding Bangladesh

Cyclone & Flooding

Bangladesh. LEDC 

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Social Impacts

-140,000 people dies

-Cholera spread

-Whole villages were destroyed, e.g: Moheshkhali

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Economic Impacts

-Salt gets left behind from flooded Sea water, this is sold at markets

-Floods destroy food supplies for cattle

-Country cannot afford to invest in expensive flood defences 

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Environmental Impacts

-High rainfall caused mud slides, this damaged roads, buildings and destroyed crops

-High sea resulted in tidal surge, this flooded coast and caused a loss of life

-High winds caused structural damage to buildings and infrastructure

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Solutions to Flooding

- Cyclone shelters also known as KIllas

- Earth Embankment, temporary solution anbd get washed away

- Mangrove Swamps/ Tree planting, to absorb impact of waves

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