Case Studies - Rocks, Resourse and Scenery

Case Studies for AQA Geography Spec A - Rocks, Resources and Scenery

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Give an example of a granite landscape and its use


  • Granite quarries e.g. Meldon Quarry
  • Tourism - millions of people visit each year for scenery such as Bowerman's Nose and Hound Tor.
  • Over 90% of the land within the national park is farmed. Extensive sheep farming is often used, as sheep are well adapted to the moorlands and wet boggy ground caused by granites non-permeable qualities make arable farming difficult.
  • There are 8 water reservoirs e.g. Burrator Reservoir
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Give an example of a chalk/clay landscape and its


  • Water soaks into the chalk where it is exposed and then percolates through the chalk to form an aquifer.
  • The aquifer supplies London with water.
  • The impermeable clay beneath the chalk stops water running too deep.
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Give an example of a limestone landscape and its u


  • Tunstead quarry produce 5.5 million tonnes of limestone each year
  • The cement plant makes 800,000 tonnes of cement each year
  • Tourists are attracted to scenery e.g. Thors Cave in the Manifold Valley
  • Intensive dairy farming is common.
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Give an example of a quarry and the advantages and


  • It is one of the largest quarries in the UK.


  • Local employment opportunites
  • Has a study centre - around 4000 people visit each year
  • Donated stone to build a cycle track in the local area


  • A lot of noise and disruptions to wildlife
  • 1.5km long and 0.6 km wide - a large area destroyed
  • A man was killed in an industrial accident in 2008, proving the dangers of quarrying.
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Give an example of a restored quarry and its curre


  • Out of town shopping centre with ove 330 stores
  • Opened in March 1999
  • It was a former chalk quarry restored for recreactional use
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