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CS- Malnutrition and Famine, Horn of Africa

3 Elements: Food shortage, Starvation, Excess mortality 

- Famine has a greater effect on the most vulnerable in society 

Factors of famine: 

       -Poor climate -Crop failiure -Population growth -War -Environmental conditions 

HoA suffered worst drought in 60 yrs in July 2011 with 12 mill facing famine

Hundereds of thousands of people were forced to leave their homes heading for refugee camps most heading for the worlds largest camp (Dadaab) near the somali boarder. 

Some refugee camps recieving upto 3,000 new refugees each day!

Familes having to walk upto 100 miles to seak food and aid

Officials warn that 800,000 children could die of malnutrition across the East African nations.

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Malnutrition and Famine continued

Solutions to Famine:Famine relief is a short term aid that takes the form of distributing food. Usually carried out by non government organisations(NGOs-oxfam) and government. Much of the aid is temporary in nature. It is usually given with caution- could lead to over dependance-damage the local agricultural economy.Issues related to famine relief include:

  • Costs of providing relief-all NGOs have overheads, the costs of which have to be met by money from donations. Donors to charities often question these internal costs although generally very low.
  • Disaster fatigue-modern communication systems publicise disaster quickly but can lead to a feeling of helpfulness in donors as yet another famine occurs.              The long-term response involves helping people to develop a more productive system of farming in order to prevent another famine. such aid could involve:
  • increased use of fertilisers and new technologies such as high-yielding varieties of seed.
  • improvements to systems to ensure that produce gets to markets more efficiently 
  • easing international trade and cancelling national debts
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