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Fold Mountains - Case Study

The Alps

Location - Central Europe (across Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstien, Slovenia and Switzerland

Formation - Formed around 30 million years ago by collision of African and European plates

Population - 12 million people

Farming ; The steep upland areas house goats which provide milk, cheese and meat. Sunnier slopes are terraced to plant vineyards.

Hydro - Electric Power - Narrow valleys are dammed to generate HEP. The electricity produced is used to power homes and buisnesses

Tourism - 100 million tourists each year. 70% of tourists use the steep, snow covered mountains for winter sports and in the summer tourists go walking, climbing and paragliding

Mining - Salt, iron ore, gold, silver and copper were mined

Forestry - Trees are logged and sold to make things like furniture

Adaptations: Animals graze in most high areas as the soil isnt ideal for growing crops

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Volcanic eruption - Case study

  • Soufriere Hills in Montserrat, June 25th 1997. 4-% million m3 of rocks and gas released
  • 19 killed
  • Primary impacts :Large areas were covered with volcanic material. Over 20 villages were destroyed by pyroclastic flows. Schools, hospitals, the airport and the port were destroyed. 19 people died and 7 were injured
  • Secondary impacts :Fires destroyed buildings, local government offices, the police headquarters and the towns central petrol station. Tourists stayed away and businesses were destroyed. Population declined 8000 left from the 12000 that were there. Volcanic ash improved soil fertility
  • Immediate responsed: people were evacuated from the south to safe areas in the north. Shelters were built for evacuees. Temporary infrastructure was also built. Local emergency services supplied units to search for and rescue survivors
  • Long term responses: A risk map and exclusion zone were put in place. While the volcano is still active the south of the island is off limits. £41 million was provided by the UK to develop the north of the island
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