Case Studies

Case Studies of Emerged and Submerged Coastlines

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Emerged Coastlines

Raised Beaches

8m, 15m, 30m raised beaches Kings Cave, Arran, West Scotland

It is a post glacial emergent landform, when the glaciers melted in the last Ice Age the land was released from their weight and the land raised up further above sea level.

Abandoned Cliffs

Abandoned sandstone cliffs on the Isle of Arran. They lay between the raised beaches where the sea had attacked the rock wall that lay behind the beaches.

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Submerged Coastlines


An example is Solva in Pembrokeshire:

It is a glaciated meltwater channel.


Sognefjord in Norway is 1300m below sea level. Formed when the glaciers melted, raising sea level but also glaciers melted on land, making it spring up. However the sea level rose in spite of this.

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