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Causes of the flood

Geology-the type of rock effected the rate of erosion and it was made of less resistant rock and therfore was eroded quicker.

Fetch- the speed of the wave- the fetch must have been a considerable amount over time for this much erosion to occur. 

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Effects on the people in Happisburgh

850 were left homeless 

1000 homes were lost 

25 boats and properties were swept into the sea 

Some residents were diagnosed with stress due to the trauma of the flood.

the community fled- therfore caused a population deacrese. 

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Effects on the environment

Farmers loose a considerbale amount of land -  therefore jobs are lost and crops are minimized.

Wildlife lost their habitant or killed.

Buildings and roads falling into the sea which caused polution

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Effects on the Economy

80,000 pound a house before the flood- 1 pound afterwards.

Less insurance due to house costs decreasing. 


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The Response to this

Goverment refuses to help because the village is too cheap now. 

4 million pounds is needed for ONLY 500m of flood defense.

457 pounds lost because of the deacrese in tourist numbers 

No defenses because they are too expensive- speeds up the rate of erosion. 

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