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China 1 child policy

* started 1979 tried to slow down population growth

* couples with 1 child got rewards and benefits eg free housing and free education

Positives  -

China's population 300million less. The policy worked :)

Negatives - 

  • baby girls not as valued as boys. Many girls left in orphanages
  • China now has more boys than girls, creating a social problem
  • Single children may have to support an ageing population 
  • 2 children looking after 4 parents and 8 grandparents 2:4:8
  • A shortage of workers to suppport China's industrial development

Officially ended in Sept 2015 because China now needs more children born.

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Indonesia's migration policy

Indonesia population of 240 million. Indonesia is 14,000 islands, but over half the population is on Java island.

Java island is massively overcrowded and has social problems as a result (crime, unemployment, pollution etc)

Strategy used

Transmigration - moving of people inside the country.

Since 1960's the Indonesian govt moved people from densely populated areas (Java) to areas with less population (Sumatra)

Positives - 20 million people moved

Negatives - Has not affected population growth or any of the reasons behind it.

Deforestation has increased when people were moved to low density islands

Migrants are not welcomed by the native population, and are sometims attacked.

Some islands have rich soil, other islands are harder to farm

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