Actus reus case studies

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Hill v Baxter

-Swarm of bees came into the car. The defendant lost control causing him to crash and ingure the people around him.

-If the defendant has no control over his actions then he has not committed an actus reus

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-Railway keeper was meant to shut the gates but failed to do so. As a result people were injured. 

-Contractual Duty

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Gibbins and Proctor

-Cilds father and mistress failed to feed child so the child died of starvation

-Duty because of a relationship

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Stone and Dobinson

- Stones elderly sister lived with the defendants when she was ill. The defendants went on holiday and stones sister died

- Duty wich has been taken voluntarily

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- Police officer watched a fight, didnt call back up and ran away.

- Duty through ones official position

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