Carol Ann Duffy- Havisham part one

a simple line on line break down :)  lines 1-6 :)

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  • why drop the miss?
  •  first impression of the character
    • who is she
    • she is proper and doesnt want to be shamed by her name not being a miss/mrs/ms
  • links with great expectations
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first line

'beloved sweetheart barsted'

  • first impression of the character
    • abrupt
    • derogarty terminology used
    • lexus choice 'sweetheart' loving and caring '*******' illigitimate and wrong (in charles dickens time which is the time this peom is based on)
  • conflicted
    • she is contradicting herself and is confused as to what she feels she obviously still loves him due to the syntax of the words as she has put 'beloved' ans 'sweethear' before '*******' however '*******' is the word that lingers and you remember
  • oxymoron
    • this is the devis used by Duffy and it puts two oposites together.
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second line

'Not a day since then i hadn't wished him dead.'

  • first person
    • this is written from Havisham herself
    • he own feeling are brought to the poem
  • out pouring of bitterness
    • through the use of first person the reader can see how she has poured herself into this poem
  • an event
    • this line leads us to beleive something has happend between her and a man.
    • 'not a day since' 'him'
    • him still living causes her more grevence than the peom allows us to see so far 
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third line

'prayed for it so hard i've dark green pebbles for eyes, ropes on the back of my hands i could strangle with'

  • metaphore    'i've dark green pebbles for eyes, ropes on the back of my hands i could strangle with'
    • metaphorical ropes as when you grow older your skin tends to wrinkle and this can look like ropes
    • she hasnt left the room and so her pupls have ditated to help her see as it is dark in the room
  • colour
    • Duffy uses colour to convy imagry in the poem 'dark green'
    • this gives a mysterious feel to the women green represents calm and clam she has waited in her room
  • effect and reader
    • she wants to inflict death strangling isnt a quick death its slow and painful (like what she has suffered)  the reader no knows she is old and could be seeking revenge ?
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fourth line


  • sterotype
    • on their own not married often old
  •  short sentence
    • abrupt after the lng sentnce before highlighting the fact of who she is 
    • she knows who she is and inflicts this pain on herself
  • her own verdict
    •  as it is in first person she is calling herself this not by anyone else
  • social class
    • in society spinsters arnt seen as good people to be around as usually they have done something wrong
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fith line

'i stink and remember'

her own decaying

she is her own enemy

remanicant of the past means she cant move forward

short sentence

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sixth line par two words :)

'Whole days in bed cawing Nooooo at the wall; the dress yellowing, tremblimg if i open the wardrobe; the slewed mirror, ful-length, her, myself, who did this'

  • her minds eye isnt what she is
    • when she looks in the mirror she cant see who she is she looks so different to who she thinks she is the punctuation show this
  • like a bird
    • she caws which is animalistic
    • its not a sound jst a release of emotion and is not cawing at anything just what ever is nearest no spacial awarness but her broken heart
  • colouring yelllowing old wedding dress
    • how long has she been like this?
    • the reader dont know how long she is but the colourings of the dress sujest and answer
  • realism
    • of how she is living of what has happend of how she has to continue.
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