Carol Ann Duffy

summaries of her poems for the gcse english literature exam

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About an old woman who was abondoned at the altar on her wedding day when she was younger. She has never been married or with a man since that day. She still wears her wedding dress and has left all the party food in the same place as she cannot leave the past behind. She seeks revenge on what that man did to her. All anger is shown throughout the poem until the very last line when the word "b-b-b- breaks" suggests bitter tears after all the anger shown.

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Anne Hathaway

About Shakespeare's wife who, in his will, was lef the "second best bed" after his death. The poem shows the romance and love shared between them in the second best bed rather than the best that the guests doze on. Even though the best bed was for the guests, they couldn't compare to the joy, comfort, love and fun in the second best bed of Shakespeare and Anne. Lots of euphamisms are in this poem along with imagery.

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Before you were mine

About a mother- daughter relationship with Carol's mother and how she was before Carol was born and how fun and glamorous her life was when she would stay out with the boys and have a laugh with her friend about "the glitzy" life and how wonderful it was. Carol wants her mom to be like how she was, even though she is still fun in a motherly way. This poem is focussed on the past and then the presnt life of how Carol's mom lived before and after her daughter's birth.

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About a boy (or girl) who doesn't have compassion or feelings from the people they steal from. They steal things they don't need through boredom: "mostly i'm so bored i could eat myself", and it's stuff they don't even need. This poem is in the first person and a conversation is suggested by the first and last line being rhetorical questions as if it could be like and interview with a policeman or someone. This poem shows anger and disappointment as he goes about stealing a snowman.

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Very useful and clear. I just have one question, what is euphemism? Please help :)



Maria wrote: what is a euphamism?


 a euphamism is someting that describes something in a different way.

i can't really explain it :) sorry

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