Care Values

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Early Years Care Values or Principles

  • The welfare of the child is paramount - Children should be listened to and their views should be considered. - To make the welfare of the child paramount a nursery could have a child centred approach that will meet the children's PIES.
  • Safety - Children must be kept safe & not put at risk.
  • A safe and healthy working envrionment must be ensured - This consists of having safety procedures and locking the gates.
  • Working in partnership with parents & families - Sharing information and respecting family culture, this involves inviting parents in for parents evening, a daily book for the children to take home.
  • Learning & Development - Children should be offered a range of activities to develop their PIES.
  • Making sure children are offered a range of experiences and activities that support all aspects of their development – a well planned curriculum, adhering to policies, ensure all areas / resources are fully accessible.
  • Valuing diversity - displays/toys/resources are fully accessible. equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice – training, good practice, being strong role models.
  • Maintaining confidentiality – need to know basis, have information about children is kept in a secure place.
  • Working with others – working with other agencies that support children.



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