Cardiovascular Disease

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Atheroma Formation

Damage to the endothelium.

White Blood Cells and lipids form fatty streaks.

Connective tissue forms atheroma.

Partially blocks artery.

Restricts blood flow.

BP increases

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Balloon like swelling.

Blood travels through weakened artery pushes inner layers through outer elastic layer.

May burst and cause haemorrhage.

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Atheroma plaque can rupture endothelium.

This damages the artery and creates a rough surface.

Platelets form a blood clot.

Blockage of the artery there or further down the artery.

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Myocardial Infarction

Blood supplied by coronary arteries.

Blood contains oxygen for respiration.

If blocked - no oxygen supplied to heart muscle.

Causes heart attack.

Symptoms - pain, shortness of breath, sweating.

Fatal if large areas affected.

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