Cardiac Cycle.

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Cardiac Cycle.

  1. Atrial systole: SAN contracts, electrical impulses through atria, pumps blood into ventricles.
  2. ventricular systole: electrical impulses pass from AVN to to purkinje fibres, delay, pass through bundle of his, fibres spread out, ventricles contract.
  3. diastole: atria and ventricles relax, atria fill with blood,semilunar valves close.

Systole = contract.

diastole = relax.

cardiac muscle is myogenic = contracts on its own.

contractions are initiated by the sino atrial node, in the right atrium.

PCG = recording of sounds.

ECG = recording electrical activity. 

caridac output increases so that oxygen and glucose get to muscles faster, carbon dioxide ,lactate and heat are carried away faster.

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