Carbon Footprints

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Measuring Carbon Footprints

- Measure of the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases released over the full life cycle of something (a service, an event, a product)

- Measuring the total carbon footprint is difficult because there are many factors to consider - you would have to count the emissions released as a result of manufacturing all the parts of the product and making it, not to mention the emissions when you use it and dispose of it

- A rough calculation can give a good idea of what the worst emitters are, so people can avoid them

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Reducing Carbon Footprints

- Anything that reduces the amount of greenhouse gases emitted, will reduce its carbon footprint

- Renweable energy sources or nuclear energy could be used in place of fossil fuels

- Using more efficient processes could conserve energy and cut waste - waste decomposes to release methane so this will reduce methane emissions

- Governments could tax companies or individuals based on the amount of greenhouse gases they emit - taxing cars based on how much carbon dioxide is released over a set distance could mean that people will choose to buy more efficient cars

- Governments can put a cap on emissions of all greenhouse gases that companies make - then sell licenses for emissions up to that cap

- Technology that captures carbon dioxide when fossil fuels are burned - can then be stored underground in cracks in the rock, such as old oil wells

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Making Reductions Is Difficult

- Carbon capture tech is an undeveloped idea and renewable resources can be expensive - development would make them cheaper and more widely available

- Governments are worried thaat making changes will impact economic growth, which would be bad for well-being - particularly important for developing countries

- Hard to make international agreements due to lack of confidence - countries won't sacrifice economic development if others won't do the same

- It may be hard to get individuals to chagne their lifestyle choices - cycling, walking, reducing air travel, saving energy in the home - people may not want to and may not be educated about why it is necessary to make the changes

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