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Pelagia and Correlli

  • 23 " April 30th, 1941" , p188 - meet Correlli ; untypical/flirtatious/silly soldier; "Don't laugh. It is our duty to hate them" 
  • 33 "A problem with Hands" - "He wagged his backside like a dog, lolled his tongue"
  • "She was desperately trying not to smile", "It's contagious", "Invaders should behave with more dignity" SOCIETAL EXPECTATIONS
  • 40 "A Problem with Lips" - penultimate stage of growing rapproachment between lovers - bodies willing them together; " passing she kissed him on the other"
  • "Shoot me, flog me, but don't say you'll never speak to me"
  • 41 "Snails" - "he could not remember having felt so contented" "Pelagia's tears fell into the bucket amongst the snails. 'You're drowning them'" - VALUED EMOTION (VALD WEEPING/ VALUELESS IN GG)
  • "for reasons that even she could not fathom, Pelagia began to cry" 
  • "...inifinitely enclosed in their first unpatriotic and secret kiss" - just forgets the war/enclosed in own world LINK TO THE SUN RISING "
  • 45 "A Time of Innocence" - "After the war I'll love you, after the war I'll love you forever, after the war" - DREAM RSHIP - LINK TO DAISY&GATSBY - M DEIFICATION OF P
  • 67 "Pelagia's Lament" - "Life is a prison of poverty and aborted dreams, it is nothing but a slow progress to my place beneath the soil, it is a plot by God to disenchant us" - HOPELESS - LINK TO G'S CONTINUAL HOPE - DISILLUSIONED WITH GOD (CARLO, THE COLLAR)
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Mandras and Pelagia

  • 11 "Pelagia and Mandras" - Juxtaposition of lyrical/poetic v domestic/prosaic = dream v reality
  • "The trouble is that I can't be myself when I'm with her", "I can't see myself saying 'Come on Pelagia, let's talk about politics'"
  • "I'm not in her class I know that" "At least I don't think I'm inferior" - UNEQUAL RSHIP - LINK TO D&G
  • "I like his backside...the curves seem to be in proportion according to God's orginal design for fruit. When he kisses me I want to reach round him and take a buttock in each hand" - LUST
  • 13 "Delirium" - "He isn't your equal, and he would expect to be better than his wife"(Iannis)
  • 16 "Letters to Mandras at the Front" - "I began to crochet a big cover for our marriage bed, but I had to unpick it because it went wrong" - PENELOPE (funeral shroud) 
  • 20 "The Wild Man of the Ice" - "I had you instead of the Virgin, I even prayed to you" - DEIFICATION OF P - LINK TO IDEALISATION OF D - DREAMLIKE RSHIP OF P&CORRELLI
  • 63 "Liberation" - M rapes P; end of rship; "He slapped her repeatedly about the face, attempting to subdue her" - LINK TO TOM SLAPPING MYRTLE; TREATING WOMAN HOWEVER THEY WISH 
  • "I disown you, I do not know you...My you never know peace" - Drosoula disowns M
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Daisy and Gatsby

  • 1; "There was something gorgeous about him" - EPONYMOUS HERO LIKE CORRELLI
  • "Her face was sad and lovely with bright things in it, bright eyes and a bright passionate mouth" - like D's life - ARTIFICIAL LIFE - MATERIALIST SOCIETY INFLUENCE 
  • 5 - "Daisy tumbled short of his dreams...because of the colossal vitality of his illusion" - LINK TO DEIFICATION OF P - DREAM OF P&C "after the war...", "The voice was a deathless song"
  • "I'd like to just get one of those pink clouds and put you in it and push you around" - childlike/lack of depth/immaturity 
  • "It makes me sad because I've never see such beautiful shirts before" - MATERIALISM OF D/CONSUMING WEALTH/ VICTIM OF TIME/ EFFECT OF SOCIETY 
  • "I keep it full of ...people who have done interesting things. Celebrated people" - lack of wide vocab/simplicity/cracks in exterior/ lack or peripheral vision (too focused on D)
  • "I think we all believed it had smashed in pieces on the floor" (clock) - GATSBY STUCK IN TIME WITH LOUISVILLE IMPRESSION OF D - DEIFICATION OF P
  • "He had been full of the idea for so long, dreamed it right through to the end" - DREAM OF D
  • 6 "Look here old sport. What's your opinion of me anyhow? - OUTSIDER LIKE CARLO/ PUBLIC OPINION MATTERS
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Daisy and Tom

  • 1; "That's what I get for marrying a brute of a man"
  • "There was a flutter of a dress and a crunch of leather boots" - j'poisiton of antithesis - delicacy v power; DAISY IS CONTROLLED/SUPRESSED - T'MENT OF WOMEN 
  • "That's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool" - Daisy has depth/ not as simple as she wishes - to ignore Tom's infidelity - be adventurous and daring and married Gatsby - RESTRICTIONS OF MATERIALIST SOCIETY 
  • 2; "He was a blond, spiritless man, anaemic and faintly handsome" - LINK TO IANNIS QUOTE ABOUT GROTESQUE HUSBANDS 
  • 5; "Women run around too much these days to suit me" - T'MENT OF WOMEN 
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  • 1; "I'm inclined to reserve all judgements" - UNBIASED ACCOUNT?
  • "I was conscious of wanting to look squarely at everyone yet avoid all eyes" - struggle between judgement and unbiased account 
  • 3; "I am one of the few honest people than I have ever known" - MORAL FORTITUDE; CONTRAST WITH J'S INHERENT DISHONESTY 
  • 9; "Well I met a bad driver didn't I...I thought you were rather an honest, straightforward person" - NICK AS DISHONEST/UNRELIABLE - GG CORRUPTED SOCIETY 
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Carlo (&God, himself, Fran, Correlli)

  • 4 "L'Omosessuale 1" - "God is the reason for all things, then God is to blame and I should not be condemned", 
  • 6 "L'Omosessuale (2)" - "what I would have been if God had not meddled in my mother's womb" - VIOLENCE OF GOD - BATTER MY HEART - RESENT GOD - THE COLLAR 
  • "The company of a woman is painful because it reminds me of what I am not" - reverse misogyny + OUTSIDER - COMPANY OF WEALTHY TO G
  • 10 "L'Omosessuale 3" - "I wanted to protect Francesco and prove to him that I was a man" - PROVING LOVE - LINK TO M'S GLORY SEEKING - G'S ASPIRATIONS OF WEALTH FOR D
  • 24 "A most Ungracious Surrender" - "He won battles armed with nothing but a mandolin"
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Iannis (&Pelagia)

  • 1 - "He spoke the French words in a mincingly Parisian accent, even though his irony was apparent only to himself" - Self important/farcical - ARROGANT GG SOCIETY 
  • 47 "Iannis counsels his daughter" - "Her father had reduced all her rosy reveries to common sense" - MORAL VOICE/ROLE MODEL - LACKING IN GG SOCIETY 
  • 64 "Antonia" - Iannis returns but lost his voice "forever speechless and emotionally paralysed, "in his wordlessness' - Iannis is the moral guiding force of the island - war has destroyed the symbolic morality of island - LINK TO GG SOCIETY NEVER HAVING MORALS/ROLE MODEL
  • 67 "Pelagia's Lament" - "He was the only man I've loved who who loved me to the end, and never bruised my heart, and never for a single moment failed me" - FILIAL IS TRUE LOVE - INEVITABLE SUFFERING IN LOVE - P&M - P&C - D&G - DEFINITION OF LOVE 
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  • 1; "Two young women were buoyed up as though upon an anchored ballon. They were both in white" - RESTLESS/FLIGHTY SOCIETY - LINK TO THE PULLEY - NO RSHIP WITH GOD
  • 3; "In his blue gardens girls came and went like moths" - magical/cold/insubstantial 
  • "The lights grow brighter ad the earth lurches away from the sun" - solar imagery = rich think they're the centre of universe, "The moon had risen higher" 
  • "She was incurably dishonest", "Dishonesty in a woman is a thing you never blame deeply" - ARTIFICIAL SOCIETY 
  • 4; "With the city rising up across the river in white heaps and sugar lumps all built with a wish of nonolfactory money" - Synesthesia (taste&smell) - Magical/limitless dreams of 20s
  • 7; "What'll we do with ourselves this afternoon? and the day after that, and the next thirty years?" - RESTLESSNESS OF SOCIETY - LINK TO THE PULLEY - LACK OF GOD/GUIDING INFLUENCE - RSHIP WITH GOD 
  • 9; EMOTION IS POINTLESS/ TO BE EMBRASSED ABOUT  - "No matter how, I stuck with them to the bitter end. You may think that's sentimental" (Wolfsheim) "When I went to give up that flat and saw that damn box of dog biscuits...I cried like a baby. By God it was awful" - LINK TO VALUE OF EMOTION IN VALEDICTION OF WEEPING/ P'S TEARS DROWNING SNAILS 
  • "Well I met a bad driver didn't I...I thought you were rather an honest, straightforward person" - NICK AS DISHONEST/UNRELIABLE - GG CORRUPTED SOCIETY 
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