Capercaillie - The Skye Waulking Song (Section B)

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  • Made up of 8 verses and an instrumental section

  • Intro - verse 1 - break - verse 2 to 6 - Instrumental - Verses 7 and 8 - Outro

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  • Occasionally heterophonic

  • Most of the extract has a dense texture

  • The texture stays consistent throughout until the very end when it thins out

  • Ending is just vocal and drum kit

  • The instruments interweave

  • Contrapuntal

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  • Uses both rock and folk instruments

  • Rock instruments are amplified, folk instruments are acoustic

  • Fiddle, bouzouki, uilleann pipes, accordion, drum kit, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, Wurlitzer/electric piano, synthesiser

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Melody and word setting

Melody and word setting:

  • Melodic lines played in folk style

  • Instruments improvise around melody lines simultaneously

  • Instruments sometimes play a very similar melody in slightly different ways creating a heterophonic texture

  • By doing this they sometimes weave a complex, improvised counterpoint around the scale of G major

  • The vocal line is sung using the scale of Em pentatonic (Gmj pentatonic) throughout

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  • Harmony is less important than the melody and the rhythm

  • Very simple throughout the song

  • Song consists of only 4 chords

  • Changes in the chord sequence are very infrequent

  • Chord changes stand out when they occur

  • Chord changes highlight change of section and mood

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  • A work song

  • Mood changes are highlighted by the chord changes
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