Capercaillie Music GDST Edexcel

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A Capercaillie Q

1) What is fusion? And what genre is capercaillie?
2) What is a waulking song?
3) What was considered unlucky in waulking music?

4) What folk instruments were used?
5) What rock instruments were used?
6) Which instrument plays an effect at the beginning and what is the effect?
7) Who was the vocalist?
8) In what language is the vocalist singing?

9) What is the tonality for the instruments/ vocal line?
10) What is the time signature?

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A Capercaillie A

1) Fusion is the blending together of two different musical genres (rolk & folk)
2) A waulking song was used when waulking (making fabric waterproof by banging it on a table and passing it round) and the song was used to keep them in time. A waulking song consisted of a line of lyrics followed by nonsense syllables.
3) To sing the same lyrics twice (nonsense syllables gave them time to think)

4) Accordian, Whistle, Uilean pipes, fiddle, bouzouki, bodhran, flutes
5) Piano, Synth, Acoustic/ Electric bass, guitar, drums/percussion
6) Fiddle plays tremolo
7) Karen Mathissen
8) Gaelic

9) instruments = Em, Vocal line is the pantatonic minor scale (EGABD)
10) 12/8

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B Capercaillie Q

11) Describe the structure & why is it unusual for a rock song?

12) Describe dynamics

13) Traditionally, how is folk music preserved?

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B Capercaillie A

11) Intro - tremolo on fiddle, bass plays stacatto, time signature ambiguous
Verse 1 - Voice introduced
Verse 2 - Voice establishes 12/8 signature
Verse 3 - last line sung unaccompanied (minimal texture)
Verse 4 - drum part sets 12/8
Verse 5 - "
Verse 6 - "
Instumental - uillean pipes & fiddle in a heterophonic texture (same melody)
Verse 7 - chord sequence Am7-Em-Em-G, most instruments drop out. drums build.
Verse 8 - full band plays
Outro - C-G, nonsense syllables, fade out
No chorus makes it unusual

12) range in dynamics, mostly depends on texture (e.g lots of instruments, f)
13) Oral tradition is when music is passed down through the generations

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