Can humans perform miracles?

miracles and who creates them!

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Buddhist beliefs about miracles.

Buddhists believe:

  • humans create miracles themselves but are unaware of their capability to do so
  • they are a result of good karma therefore Buddhists are very careful about how they act
  • the greatest miracle to be a person reaching enlightenment, being able to focuse their mind which us human action because the human puts the effort in and is taught by other humans
  • in Buddha - the wisest man who reached enlightenment
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Can humans perform miracles?


  • Benny Hinn believes he can and holds crusades to heal people
  • I believe a miracle is something turning out better than expected so could be caused by humans
  • placebo effect - feel healed and happy


  • interpret a miracle differently
  • goes against nature and we aren't powerful enough to do that
  • don't believe in miracles
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